Don't Let Your Business Fall Behind the (Tech) Times
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Don’t Let Your Business Fall Behind the (Tech) Times

Valentyna Ponomarenko

Oh, the way things were…

Back in the day, selling something like shoes was as simple as providing a quality product coupled with a reliable service. You may have even paid to advertise your store on a billboard nearby. It was all very simple and straightforward. That was then. 


Fast-forward to today. 

Smart technologies and AI adoption have changed the world. People in the U.S will buy more shoes online over the next 24 hours than sold in physical stores over the coming month. Putting shoes aside, for now, the story stays the same no matter what industry you’re in. 

It doesn’t matter who your “ideal” customer is or what product or service you sell. Potential customers are searching for (and finding) it online. 


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“Meet your audience where they are”? 

Makes sense, right? Well, today your audience is searching, finding, and buying stuff on their smartphones. With more and more people using AI tools – like Hocoos Website builder – to move their businesses online, those without a digital presence risk getting overlooked and left behind.




Sure, it sounds serious, but don’t panic! 

Technological innovation is becoming more straightforward as well as smarter. Remember those billboards? Yeah, plenty of people might see your advert, but you could never know how many, if any, actually wanted to buy shoes. 

Today, AI technologies help give businesses the potential to reach their ideal customers in an otherwise crowded marketplace. 


Think about it.

Most people pick up their phone and search online, actively looking for a specific product or solution, maybe something like yours. Meanwhile, ads you promote online can target particular demographics of people with clear messages based on their individual needs and interests. 

Technology makes it easier for a business to find a larger audience, helping to create new opportunities for engagement and customer retention. It has also created an arms race between the firms that take advantage of new technological innovation – like AI website builders or design tools – and those that don’t.

But it’s not just other businesses you’re trying to keep up with, as the customers themselves are constantly evolving. Consumers have quickly grown accustomed to meeting their needs quickly and easily with technology. 

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Even if they have heard of your Business somewhere before, If they can’t find your details online when needed, they’re going to go with one of your competitors. Yes, their product or service might not be as good, maybe it’s more expensive, or even a longer wait time. That doesn’t matter. What matters is when the customer searched for them, they were there.  

Adopting new technology, especially Al, in your business operations has never been more critical, but don’t let it scare you. Every Business can benefit from having a basic online presence. They allow customers to discover that you exist and, at the very least, find your opening hours and physical address.

Luckily for small businesses and side hustles everywhere, having your own website has become more accessible. Before, you needed a high level of tech and design skills to create a site. That, or spend lots of time and money with professional developers. 

Today, technological innovation allows Hocoos AI to create a completely unique, customizable website in under 5 minutes. And the best part? No tech or design skills are needed. Instead, answer 8 simple questions, and Hocoos AI takes those answers to create a site complete with custom text and images.

Check out the Hocoos AI wizard, and let us know what you think.

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