The AI Revolution Is Here, and Small Businesses Will Never Be The Same
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The AI Revolution Is Here, and Small Businesses Will Never Be The Same

Liliia Hamota

Artificial intelligence used to be the stuff of science fiction – killer robots rebelling against humanity, Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with Scarlett Johannson’s disembodied voice, that kind of thing. 

But AI is no longer just the stuff of science fiction. The future is now, and it’s wildly different from anything you’ve seen on the big screen. The fact of the matter is that AI is here to give your business a HUGE advantage.

For example, the Hocoos website builder uses AI to automatically create professional websites in minutes – a task that once took hours and hours of tedious manual work and years of technical knowledge to accomplish. 

That’s one small step for artificial intelligence, one giant leap for human ingenuity.

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What AI can do for your business


Ok, so before your imagination runs away too quickly, we aren’t living in the future quite yet. Technological development is still some way from creating an AI robot that runs around doing your household chores.

But AI tools have already come pretty far in their ability to mimic human behavior; especially in terms of communication, content creation, and even (to some extent) creativity. These are the three factors that allow Hocoos’ AI to make business websites in minutes rather than months, all without any knowledge, skill, or experience.

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Additional online AI tools give you the ability to:

  • Generate unique content
  • Create images in any style you want
  • Edit video
  • Compose music 
  • Build websites


… and the list goes on and on. The truth is, AI has come so far, so fast, that innovators are constantly creating new tools. Tools to help ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things. 

We’ve all heard the fear mongering about machines coming to take our jobs. So how can artificial intelligence positively impact a small business, you ask? Well, most importantly, in marketing and expanding your reach. 

By creating a free website with Hocoos AI for example, you can get your business online after answering just 8 simple questions about what you do. It takes your answers to create custom text & images, so you can quickly fill your website with quality content in no time. 



Small businesses benefit from AI the most.


In fact, tools like the Hocoos AI website builder are one of the biggest opportunities in history for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, helping to level the playing field in a number of ways:


1. AI is super accessible – Low on resources? Though technologically advanced, AI tools are far cheaper and quicker than hiring an expert to do the work for you.
Who wants to pay a designer, a code writer, a quality assurance expert, a content writer, and a photographer anyway? Especially when tools like Hocoos AI can do it all for you in minutes rather than months.


2. AI is incredibly productive – Yes, corporations and large companies can benefit from adopting AI, but for them, making the switch is just about lowering costs by replacing humans.
For small business owners and solopreneurs, a good piece of AI is like hiring the most productive team member ever. Now, not only can you create things like amazing marketing, but the results are as good as bigger companies with entire teams behind them; usually for a fraction of the time and cost.


3. AI is creating opportunity – Big companies tend to get stuck in their ways and are often slow to navigate through new challenges. Small businesses on the other hand are much more agile.
This means they can quickly and creatively take advantage of new technologies, like AI, to exploit gaps in the market that haven’t been filled yet by the big players. Can you think of a unique way to use AI in your field? A skill or service that is underrepresented online?


Then you might have a major advantage over your competitors.



In short, the AI revolution has arrived, and it’s here to help democratize online business by leveling the playing field. It’s true, AI can’t run your business for you. But it is advanced enough and cheap enough to let you accomplish things that would have seemed impossible just a year ago.

Even better, it’s still the very earliest stages of public awareness and adoption around AI. This gives you a head start on the competition when it comes to benefitting from these AI tools. 

So, are you ready to build a business online with the most exciting new technology on the planet? Afterall, in the time it took to read this article, the Hocoos AI builder could already have created your business website & online store. Try it out today for free, and let us know what you think!


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