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Our user-friendly, no-code builder means any business can create, edit, and launch a free booking  website in minutes. Whether you offer services online or in-person, simplify your appointment system with Hocoos AI Website Builder.

What Is Hocoos AI Booking Website Builder

Manage every part of your business from one place and make communicating with your customers easier than ever. The Hoocos AI Booking app is designed to make it simple for every business owner to manage multiple services, staff, and locations.


Here’s how Hocoos AI Website Builder reshapes your booking experience:

Client Management

Stay on top of every client request with Hocoos AI. Our user-friendly system means it’s never been easier to review and respond to client questions and booking requests.


Now you can make sure that you don’t miss a single opportunity. Hocoos helps keep booking interactions quick and efficient, boosting your reputation and customer satisfaction.

Email marketing interface with a 'SPECIAL OFFER DIRECT CONTACT' section showing a list of entered email addresses and a notification that the special offer has been saved as a draft, with an option to set up a publishing date and time late.

Customer Insights

Use data collected with Hocoos AI to analyze detailed customer information. Understand your clients’ preferences and tailor your services and content to meet their needs.


Use these insights to personalize your service and improve every part of your customer experience,  creating even more bookings!

Business dashboard graphic showing booking stats with a circular progress bar indicating 987 bookings and a note of total revenue for January amounting to 232,000 USD.

Online Scheduling

Discover the convenience of managing your bookings with just a few clicks. The Hocoos AI  user-friendly platform simplifies the process of scheduling


Now, you to easily organize your appointments and fill your calendar without any hassle or confusion. Hocoos AI helps you make the most of your business’s time and resources.

Analytics dashboard showing a booking statistics widget named 'KATE'S BOOKING' with a total of 3780 bookings displayed on a bar graph, alongside a calendar view for July 2021 with the 16th highlighted.

Booking Customization

Hocoos AI website booking builder offers comprehensive customization for all your service business needs. Customize everything from one easy-to-use platform, and keep things simple for you and your clients.

Operating across multiple locations, offering lots of services, or managing a team with different schedules, Hocoos AI has the flexibility to tailor your booking setup to fit your business needs.

Customer communication options featuring 'Whatsapp' for chatting with customers and offering brand experiences, and 'Messenger' for live chat support to boost customer satisfaction, each with a 'Get started' button.

How To Build A Booking Website In Minutes

Share stories, showcase products, or manage appointments; Hocoos AI builds websites that do it all.


Creating your blog, store, or website booking system is a breeze, as Hocoos AI does all the hard work for you. Just 3 small steps, and you’re ready to take bookings in less than 5 minutes. 

Step 1
Web interface showcasing business strengths with icons: Affordable prices, Positive reputation, Great customer service, and Free consultation.

Effortless Setup, Ready In Minutes:

Just answer 6 quick questions about your needs, and let Hocoos AI tailor your website for blogging, selling, or scheduling services.

Step 2
Interface design showcasing a client testimonial section with a customer's positive quote, adjacent to a color palette selection tool for website customization.

Choose Your Design, Edit Anytime:

Select from custom AI-generated mockups with unique layouts and styles. Plus, you can always modify and add features like booking systems later.

Step 3
Webpage design layout featuring a wedding theme, with sections for testimonials labeled 'What our clients say' and service pricing labeled 'Our price list', presented in a clean, modern style.

Instant Website Launch With Free Hosting:

Hocoos AI efficiently builds and codes your site, ready to go live in seconds, complete with a Hocoos domain and complimentary hosting.

Your All-in-One Solution for a Dynamic Booking Website

Hocoos AI is much more than just a website builder; it’s the solution for all your online business needs.


Ready to take your business online with a website that does it all? Let’s get started!

What Are The Benefits Of Hocoos Booking Website Builder?

AI-Generated Content

Turn hours of tedious writing into minutes of easy editing with our AI content creator. Hocoos can write text for every part of your website, from blog articles to service descriptions, meaning you don’t have to.


Hocoos also helps with images, creating brand new visuals, or editing existing ones with just a short text prompt describing what you want.


Hocoos AI-Generated Content is here to save you time and effort.

Digital illustration of a teal textured takeaway cup with a purple straw against a vibrant pink background, with a button labeled 'Complete image with AI' suggesting the use of artificial intelligence in image editing.

Responsive and Customizable Design

Your Hocoos booking website looks great and works perfectly, no matter the screen size. Hocoos AI websites are designed to give your customers a consistent, reliable, and seamless booking experience on every device.


With our user-friendly editor, personalizing your booking website’s look to match with your brand style and business goals is simple and effective.


Hocoos Responsive and Customizable Design keeps your website looking and working great for everyone.

Mobile and desktop view of a skincare beauty website featuring a serene model with closed eyes, alongside an advertisement for a nails and beauty service.

in-depth Analytics

Hocoos Booking Website Builder helps build better customer relationships. With Hocoos, you can collect and use real-time data from your clients to learn more about their preferences.


With this information, you can make changes to your services, content, even your whole business strategy, giving you the insight to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Hocoos In-Depth Analytics give you the information you need to grow your business.

Dashboard snapshot displaying a 'Recent Sales' analytics section with a bar graph showing sales data for three products, each represented by a different color, and a list of products color-coded to match the graph for visual sales tracking.

Affordable Premium Features

Build, Edit and Host Your Website For Free – When you’re ready, get increased access to our advanced AI features and tools at an affordable price with the Hocoos Premium Plan.


Give your booking system a boost with increased customization and AI usage limits, all with a single, clear, transparent pricing structure of $15 a month, or $150 for the year.


Hocoos Affordable Premium Features give increased AI usage without  breaking the bank. 

Pricing plan graphic with a 'Most Popular' banner, featuring a 'Premium Monthly' subscription option for $15 per month, highlighted in bold, with a smaller subscript stating 'billed monthly' against a vibrant gradient background.

Multilingual Support

Hocoos AI Website Builder lets you build trust and reach customers around the world, helping expand your client base with multilingual support.


Create your website, make edits, and generate AI-content, all in the language of your choice. Cater to audiences around the world and find new clients by offering your services in the best language for any location.


Hocoos Multilingual Support means you create, edit, and launch a website in your preferred language. 

Screenshot of a website development environment with Hocoos branding, showcasing a code editor with Flutter code, and a language selection dropdown menu set to English.

Optimized for Visibility

Get your website seen online and increase your service visibility with Hocoos AI’s SEO-optimized content. Our AI is designed to boost your booking website’s ranking on search engines,


Better rankins mean your business bring more traffic and potential clients to your services. Our SEO tools are tailored to make sure your services are easy to find by anyone who needs them.


Hocoos AI Websites are Optimized for Visibility and to rank well on
search results. 

Web interface showing SEO settings with options to optimize Pages, Collections, and Products, including a search bar for setting up pages to display in Google search results, with links to Home page and About us for further SEO customization.

Secure Payments

Make online transactions simple and secure with Hocoos AI’s online payments. Our system supports a variety of trusted payment methods, giving you and your clients a hassle-free payment process with peace of mind.


Hocoos AI eCommerce features trust and convenience, letting your clients make payments confidently and securely. From direct payments to securing deposits, Hocoos AI makes sure every transaction is smooth, secure, and straightforward.


Hocoos AI Secure Payments are simple, secure, and quick to set up with PayPal or Stripe.  

Online payment options interface showing connected PayPal and Stripe services for secure customer transactions on a website's payment settings page.

Scheduling and Reminders

Simplify the entire appointment process with Hocoos AI’s automated scheduling. This feature  manages your calendar, sending out booking confirmations and reminders to your clients.


This level of automation reduces the chances of no-shows and double bookings, plus it saves you time and effort on boring admin work.


Hocoos AI’s Automated Scheduling and Reminders  are like having a personal assistant. 

Graphical representation of booking statistics with a circular progress bar indicating 987 bookings completed, with a focus on performance metrics and achievement.

Simple Business Management

With Hocoos AI, managing your business has never been easier. Our all-in-one booking website builder creates your online space and simplifies appointment management to a few quick clicks.


Whether you’re working across lots of locations or managing multiple staff members, Hocoos AI makes it easy to up to date with your business. 

Webpage section titled 'ADDING WHATSAPP TO YOUR WEBSITE' with instructions for integrating WhatsApp into a Hocoos website, stating the need for an account and a purchased domain.

Meet The Booking Website Builder AI Toolkit

It’s not just our Website Wizard that’s powered by Al. Here at Hocoos, we offer a whole host of Al tools designed to make it even easier to build your perfect business website in seconds.

Create A Custom Logo

Transform your branding.


Design unique, professional logos without the design skills or high costs and create a polished image that resonates with your audience.

Blog post creation with АІ
Easily Edit Images

Improve your website visuals effortlessly. 


Hocoos’ Image Completion uses Al to edit and create stunning images seamlessly. Impress your visitors with flawless pictures that leave a lasting impact.

Natural skincare products with purple sea salt scrub and organic oil, highlighted by green leaves, on a clean white background.
Generate Written Text

Revolutionize your content creation.


Hocoos’ Al Content Creator generates high-quality written material for pages, blog posts, and articles. Boost productivity, improve SEO rankings, and captivate your audience with Hocoos Al.

Interface prompt for generating a blog post with an outlined rectangle indicating an image placeholder, next to the text 'Generate post just in a 3 steps!

Why Work With Hocoos AI Booking System Builder?

The Fast, User-Friendly, and Free AI Website & Booking System Builder
  1. It’s Quick – Create and host a Hocoos Website in under 5 minutes.
  2. It’s Easy – No-code or design needed. Just answer some simple questions.
  3. It’s Free – Create, edit, and host for free. No credit card, no risk.
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Start with Hocoos AI Booking Website Builder for Free

Create your AI-powered booking website in minutes. No credit card is required, and no commitment – just efficiency and growth for your business.

What Else Can Hocoos AI Create?

AI-Built Websites

Start with a Hocoos AI-built website, ideal for booking-focused businesses. Enjoy custom designs, dynamic layouts, and easy navigation, all created to make your service stand out. Your website acts as a central hub, seamlessly integrating with other features.

Build My AI Website
Webpage design featuring a wedding planning service with the tagline 'Your wedding is our business' and a promotional image of a bridal bouquet, alongside an advertisement for 'COSMETIC HOUSE', a makeup and cosmetics wholesaler, with a 'Buy Now!' call-to-action button.
AI-Built Blogs

Add a blog to your website to engage more deeply with your clients. Hocoos AI crafts captivating, easy-to-navigate blogs, perfect for sharing insights, tips, or news related to your booking services.




Build My AI Blog
Web template preview showing a person typing on a laptop with a motivational quote, a 'Read More' button, a domain name prompt 'www.yourdomain.com', and a font selection tool with 'Marcellus' as the chosen font.
AI-Built Stores

For businesses that sell products or services, the Hocoos AI Store Builder simplifies creating and hosting an online store. It’s a powerful addition to your booking website, offering seamless management and enhanced customer service. Manage schedules and reminders effortlessly, integrated within your business’s online presence.



Build My AI Booking Store
E-commerce website preview displaying '2023 Man's Collection' with a 'Shop Now' button, featuring product images with prices for hats, and a domain placeholder 'www.yourdomain.com' for brand customization.

Booking Website Builder FAQ

Just click the 'Create My Booking System' button, answer a few questions about your service needs, and Hocoos AI will create your booking system in minutes.
Yes. Hocoos AI lets you customize your booking system to fit your business's unique style. Set availability, services offered, and any other special instructions.
Yes, Hocoos AI's booking system is designed to handle multiple locations, staff schedules, and services. You can easily manage different parts of your business in one place.
Absolutely. The Hocoos AI Booking System includes automated reminders and notifications to keep your staff and clients up to date.
Yes, the Hocoos AI Booking System has secure payment options for your convenience. This feature means easy, safe, and secure payment processing. 

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