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Sell products and offer services with your custom Website and Online Store, created for free by Hocoos AI. Our no-code AI Store Builder means anyone can create, edit, host an eCommerce site in less than 5 minutes!


Open your 24/7 Online Store in under 5 minutes for free!

Collage of a beauty salon's online booking interface.

What Is Hocoos AI Store Builder?

Hocoos AI Store Builder is the quickest and easiest way to create an eCommerce website for your business. Just follow these 4 easy steps, and Hocoos will have your online store ready in under 5 minutes:
Step 1

Tell Us About Your Business

Hocoos AI asks you some simple questions.

In total it takes less than 3 minutes to do.

Hocoos AI uses your answers to build your store.

Online store category selection interface with various store types including beauty store, makeup store, hairdressing tools store, and highlighted 'sports nutrition store' as the selected option.
Step 2

Pick A Design Style

Hocoos AI creates your custom design mock ups.

Choose from your favourite layouts,  fonts, and color palettes.

Easily change anything later with our user-friendly editor.

E-commerce product options editor interface with a 'Drag to reorder' feature and color selection for items, showing clickable color circles in grey, brown, and yellow with deletion and settings icons.
Step 3

Watch Hocoos AI Work

Hocoos AI builder codes and creates your online store in second.

It can write everything, from page content to product descriptions.

Hocoos will host it online for free with a custom Hocoos domain name.

Content management system interface with options to sort by date and view settings, showing thumbnails of published items marked with a 'Published' tag.
Step 4

Benefit From Hocoos Premium

Access the complete AI Toolkit with Hocoos AI Store Builder.

Get increased AI usage limits, accept payments, connect custom domains, and more.

Hocoos Premium is one simple, transparent,  pocket-friendly price.

Try Hocoos AI Store Builder For Free

And Create Your Online Store In Minutes

Create an Online Store for your Small Business without wasting time, money, or effort. Hocoos AI Store Builder is the go-to tool for anyone who wants a one-click, no-code eCommerce Website in minutes.

Why Build An AI Store With Hocoos?

Hocoos Is Quick & Easy To Use

Hocoos AI Store Builder is the easiest way to create an online store for your business. Think of Hocoos as a good friend, here to help you quickly build your online business. Create anything, from custom websites and blogs to user-friendly booking systems and eCommerce stores.


You don’t need any tech skills or design experience to use Hocoos. Our AI Website Builder takes care of the boring technical bits, making it super easy for anyone to build a free online store in minutes.


Hocoos AI Website Builder is the perfect solution for busy people who want to open an online store without the hassle.

E-commerce product page example featuring a 'Tailored Button City Coatʼ.

Hocoos Can Be Completely Customized

Hocoos AI Store Builder has a simple, user-friendly editor that lets you quickly change any part of your website. Easily change colors, fonts, layouts, and more to make sure your store matches your unique style.


Add fun widgets like Spotify playlists or social media feeds to interest and excite your customers. Hocoos AI is designed to give you complete creative control over your website and  eCommerce store.


Hocoos AI Website Builder is the best tool for anyone looking to customize their store without the hassle of code and design. 

Homepage example of boutique offering elegant lingerie. The website features a sleek design with a navigation bar including Home, About Us, Contact Us, Gallery, and Store.

Hocoos Has Easy-Use eCommerce Features

Hocoos AI Store Builder has every tool you need to sell products online. We’re talking about stuff like keeping track of all your products and making sure payments are safe and sound.


From building and hosting your website to taking payments and booking appointments, Hocoos AI makes running an online store quicker, easier, and more fun than ever.


Hocoos AI Store Builder is your helpful eCommerce assistant, making selling online simple and creating repeat customers. 

Add payment method to your product page: a user-friendly interface displaying various payment options for seamless transactions.

How To Use Hocoos AI Store Builder

Create Your AI Store In Minutes


Enter Your Email & Click “Build My Free AI Store”


Answer some quick questions about your business


Watch AI create your online store in seconds

Building A Store With Hocoos AI

AI-Generated Content

Hocoos helps create content for your store. Our AI image completion tool can edit and extend existing images or make brand-new visuals for your website with nothing more than a text description of what you want.


Talking about text, the Hocoos AI content generator can write any type of text, from blog posts down to product descriptions. It’s like having your own personal creative assistant who knows just what to say to help show and sell your products and services in the best light.

Digital illustration of a teal textured takeaway cup with a purple straw against a vibrant pink background, with a button labeled 'Complete image with AI' suggesting the use of artificial intelligence in image editing.

User-Friendly Editor

Hocoos makes it easy to edit your store. From tweaking page layouts and adding widgets to updating product information, Hocoos can do much more than just creating text and images.


Our simple, one-click editor means you can quickly and easily customize things to look the way you want. You can see the changes you make in real-time, and our no-code interface makes the experience effortless.

Affordable Premium Features

Hocoos offers an affordable Premium Plan alongside our free user account. While both come with free hosting, Hocoos Premium provides increased access to all our AI tools and features.


Premium users also get extra benefits, like a free custom domain name and secure payment connections. At just $15 a month, it’s simple and transparent pricing — every feature we have, forever, for one pocket-friendly price. 

Pricing plan graphic with a 'Most Popular' banner, featuring a 'Premium Monthly' subscription option for $15 per month, highlighted in bold, with a smaller subscript stating 'billed monthly' against a vibrant gradient background.

Multilingual Support

Hocoos Websites & Online Stores offer multilingual support. Pick a preference before you start the website wizard, and our AI will ask its questions in your chosen language.


When it’s done, our editor will also be in your preferred language, along with any AI-generated content you choose to create. Hocoos AI Store Builder is designed to get your business seen by people around the world; with multilingual support, you’re ready to connect with customers globally.   

Screenshot of a website development environment with Hocoos branding, showcasing a code editor with Flutter code, and a language selection dropdown menu set to English.

Responsive Design

Hocoos stores look great on every screen. No matter the size or type, they are designed to look and work perfectly on any device.


In a world where everyone’s on their phones, having an online store that looks great on the small screen is a must. Hocoos customers are guaranteed a smooth shopping experience, from computers and laptops to tablets or smartphones.

Mobile and desktop view of a skincare beauty website featuring a serene model with closed eyes, alongside an advertisement for a nails and beauty service.

Total SEO Optimization

Hocoos helps your online store climb the search results page. All our websites and content are created with the latest on and off-page SEO best practices in mind.


It’s a busy world online, so every part of Hocoos is designed around getting your business seen and heard. Good SEO means better visibility, extra visitors, and more sales. 

Web interface showing SEO settings with options to optimize Pages, Collections, and Products, including a search bar for setting up pages to display in Google search results, with links to Home page and About us for further SEO customization.

Easy Payment Integration

Hocoos eCommerce Stores help you get paid. Hocoos AI Website Builder was created around the idea that any small business should be able to make simple and secure online transactions.


Hocoos is designed to make sure you and your customers feel confident when it comes to money. Connect a payment method you already know and trust, like Stripe or PayPal, in seconds and give everyone total peace of mind.

Online payment options interface showing connected PayPal and Stripe services for secure customer transactions on a website's payment settings page.

AI Tools for Images and Logos

Hocoos AI Tools help your Website stand out. Make your store even more amazing and unique with stunning visuals. Our Al tools are here to help you edit images and create eye-catching logos.


It’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket, making sure your store always looks its best. Use Hocoos Al to edit existing images, or to create brand-new visuals in seconds.

Real-Time Analytics

Hocoos lets you learn more about your customers. Hocoos AI gives you the tools to discover your customers’ preferences and behaviors; the secret sauce to small business success.


Understanding what your customers want means you can make better decisions to keep your customers coming back for more and help you grow your business online faster than ever.

Simplify Selling Products Online
with Hocoos AI Store Builder

Create and host your AI Store in under 5 minutes - no credit card needed! It's quick, easy, and completely commitment-free to start with Hocoos AI.

What Else Can Hocoos AI Create?

AI-Built Websites

Start your journey with Hocoos AI by building your AI website in minutes. It’s the foundation of everything we do, and the perfect starting point for any online store, combining custom design and easy navigation.

Build My AI Website
Showcasing the appearance of websites created by Hocoos AI on different devices
AI-Built Blogs

Boost your online store with a Hocoos AI-created blog. It’s the best way to engage customers and share your story, while supporting your main website. From effortless AI-text creation to user-friendly layouts, Hocoos AI Blogs are built to be read.

Build My AI Blog
Webpage section showcasing futuristic technology themes with a female figure wearing VR goggles.
AI Booking Systems

Add a Hocoos AI booking system to your AI Store for effortless appointment management. It’s the hassle-free way to offer services, set reminders, and manage schedules, locations, and staff.

Build My AI Booking System
Collage of a beauty salon's online booking interface.

AI Store Builder FAQ

It's a breeze with Hocoos AI store builder! Just answer a few questions about your business and its goals, and voila! Your online store is open for business.
Yes! Once your store app is activated, you can get paid for your products or services by integrating your Stripe or PayPal account.
Absolutely. Hocoos handles hosting for free, so you can focus on creating and selling fantastic products and services.
Yes! You can build your website or online store with AI, edit, add products, and host for free. To boost your website or access our full features like payment integration, upgrade for just $15 a month! 

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