Hocoos ai: Passionately Empowering Voices through Inclusion

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We believe that everyone, a small business or an individual deserves a chance to be heard and valued.

Hocoos was created for small business owners on the foundation of inclusivity and accessibility, as we do our best as a startup to include this in everyday activities we do.

Our main product, an AI Website builder, is driven by the principle of democratising online presence for small businesses and individuals regardless of their technical expertise or knowledge about digital business concepts.

This is more than about a website builder with great usability, it is about understanding small businesses and individuals day to day needs, reality, struggles and how can they overcome these difficulties. Whether it's the lack of time, budget or knowledge, we keep developing holistic solutions and not just tools.

Hocoos products, free learning resources, and automations that simplify complex tech and business concepts are the force behind over half a million small businesses that have already used Hocoos for their small business, passion or for educational reasons.
Girl standing with lapto shows that Hocoos AI has 12378 business established.
Image shows that 100 diverse writers are creating content for Hocoos
Inclusivity is a grandiose buzzword that we don’t often like to use, however in its core definition it is much more simple and kind, and far less politicised than in random online discussions around the topic, and this is where we are comfortable with it the most.

Definition: “...providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised...”.

One example we would like to share, and for the sole purpose that other individuals and companies might get inspired, is our educational content creation system.

We have developed a system that will allow us to empower almost 100 writers from diverse backgrounds and abilities, including writers with disabilities, to contribute their unique perspective and expertise.
How it works:

  1. We provide as detailed as possible briefs and include any resources that might help a writer learn and succeed.

  2. Deliveries from the different writers from different backgrounds are all streaming in, where our editors ensure quality and consistency, as well as providing constructive feedback that will assist the writer to grow professionally on his next assignment.

While it might require a bit more effort than relying solely on in-house writers, the benefits of embracing diverse creative voices outweigh the minor challenges and benefit by:

  1. Removing barriers that talented people might have has a real positive impact.

  2. Your in-house team will become better, more tolerant people, and appreciative of this new experience and perspectives.

  3. It can and hopefully will inspire others to do the same and amplify the positive impact.
Man standing with laptop shows that 1258 blog posts are created by Hocoos contributors


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There’s the chance that you are already way ahead of us, and already applying the above in your own way.

If you feel that Hocoos or its product can assist you to be more successful in doing so, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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