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Get a beautiful website for your small business in minutes. Our AI builder creates the content, images and website design to promote your brand.

Build your free website today. Edit easily, always.

Build Your Website in 3 Easy Steps:

Join 500,000+ smart small businesses. Build your website in minutes, not days, with our Free Forever plan – zero risk.

Create your beautiful website and easily update it using the most intuitive website editor in the world. No coding or design skills needed.

It’s even easier than drag-and-drop editors. Simply click to edit and see changes in real time (WYSIWYG). Experience the difference today.

Step 1
Website personalization interface with text inviting users to select services such as delivery and consultation that they wish to offer on their site, with the option to modify these choices later.

Using our friendly step-by-step website builder, you can tell us more about your business by answering 8 simple questions.


Based on your needs, our AI will generate the most beneficial website for your business.



Step 2
Website design customization tool displaying a gallery preview of a gym website on the left, and options for choosing design styles, color palettes, and font pairs on the right with a 'Create my website' button.

Get 3 custom website designs made by our AI just for you.


Choose the website you love, then select your perfect colors and fonts our designers created (very easy to update later, too).


Step 3
Web design interface with a cute French Bulldog on a yellow background, featuring button customization options for default and hover states, including color, fill, text, and border with different styles like square, rounded, and circular.

Get set to go live!


Hocoos AI is adding those final touches to your website. (Seriously, just 10 seconds!)

Your new website will give you and your small business a professional presence. To benefit and succeed even more online, you will also be provided with the right tools. Hocoos is making success easier for you! We offer a complete set of automated free tools to help small businesses. 

 Attract new customers, and manage your small business’s digital marketing and operations. Learn how small businesses are succeeding online, from creation to growth, using the Hocoos website builder and its small business website marketing tools.

How to Grow Your Small Business with a Hocoos Website?

Launch Your Online Presence in Minutes

Create a ready-to-use website with Hocoos AI.



We know how to make the creation of a website for your business easy.
By asking 8  simple questions, our AI builder will generate a website tailored to your specific business needs, whether you want to write a blog, sell products, collect testimonials, or get bookings. 
For an even more professional look, connect your custom domain and create a matching business email.


We also provide multilingual support, so your business can talk to your customers in their native language.


Remember, a website is more than just being online. It’s about establishing a strong brand from day one.

Web interface presenting options to select three unique aspects of a business for customized content generation, with choices including Customer rewards, Affordable prices, Motivational approach, Positive reputation, Personal vision, and Vast experience.

Keep your website updated

You have full control of your website!



Click on what you wish to edit – images, text, buttons – and update it right away. Hocoos AI makes sure all of your edits will look great on desktop, tablet, and phone, so you can leave tech worries behind.


Just enjoy improving your website easily.  Our image editing built-in tools will save you time: remove background, improve your photos, and even fix imperfections.


Plus, whether you want to set up an email campaign or write a blog post – Hocoos AI guides you through each step.

Customization interface of a website builder with a close-up of a dog's face on a slider widget, options to adjust widget colors, text, spacing, width, and a slider control view with an autoplay toggle.

Make your website work for your business

The website is a 24/7 growth engine for your business.



Hocoos AI provides you with a complete set of built-in tools for your website to fulfill your specific business needs.
Offer services and easily manage your bookings with our intuitive booking system. Launch your online store and accept payments securely. Write a blog, send newsletters, and engage with your audience effortlesslyEasily collect and display customer testimonials to build brand trust.

You can also connect your social media feeds to keep your website fresh and up-to-date!



Easily tap into Google Analytics to obtain focused insights into your business and gain quick access to Search Console, the essential tool for getting your website listed in Google search results.

Online store setup page showing a clothing product carousel on the left and a notification on the right indicating successful addition of Stripe and PayPal as payment methods, with a message encouraging to start selling products online.

Promote your small business effectively

Measure your success correctly and take your online presence to the next level.

Connect your website directly with powerful advertising platforms like Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Bing Ads. Track your results with Google Tag Manager and improve your marketing strategy using real-time data.


Hocoos AI handles any custom integrations if you need to connect more services to run your small business productively.



And, in case you want to start monetizing your website, we’ve made the Google AdSense integration super easy to set up.

Website domain management interface with options to buy, connect, and manage domains on the left, and a promotional banner for a Leading IT company offering Superior IT Services on the right.

What Are The Benefits of Hocoos AI Websites?

How Hocoos Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Running a business keeps you busy. Trust us, we get it.


We also know building a website has always been complicated and time-consuming, and professional designers never come cheap.


That’s why we made Hocoos AI Website Builder. To give you back your time and save you the headache. To keep the extra dollar in your pocket.


We built Hocoos to help anyone make a website in minutes. Now you can, too.


Hocoos is Easy

No-Code AI Websites


The Hocoos AI wizard does all the hard work with code and design, so you don’t have to. That means building a small business website couldn’t be simpler.


Plus, our user-friendly editor is full of features to make customizing your website as effortless as clicking a button. It’s website creation made simple and tailored to your needs.


Hocoos is Quick

Get Online In Minutes


In less than 5 minutes, from start to launch, your professional website is ready. Quick, efficient, and hassle-free – that’s our promise to get your business online lightning-fast.


With Hocoos AI, you’ll spend less time figuring out the boring technical stuff and more time doing what you love – growing your small business into something special.  It’s about getting you online fast, without any headaches.


Hocoos is Affordable

Budget Friendly, Big Value


Start with zero costs – website creation and hosting are free with Hocoos AI. We’re your budget-friendly website builder, meaning more money back in your pocket.


Upgrade to Hocoos AI Premium to use all our powerful tools and features, and we promise to give you access to everything forever for one price. No hidden charges or price hikes here. Hocoos AI means simple, transparent pricing.


Hocoos is dynamic

All-In-One Website Builder


Hocoos AI can build whatever you want. Our AI is better than the rest because it asks questions about the type of website you want to help it create exactly the kind of website you need.


There’s no going back and forth between different tools and platforms when you use Hocoos AI Website Builder for your small business. Every tool and feature your business needs in one place. 

Skip the Web Hosting Hassles: Hocoos Builds and Hosts Your Small Business Website for free!

Lightning-fast setup – your free hosted website online in under
5 minutes, commitment-free!
Rock-solid security and 99.9% uptime for worry-free operation.

Build Your Business Online With Hocoos
AI Tools

Smarter Tools For Small Business Success

Having the right tools can make all the difference to any small business. That’s why Hocoos AI Website Builder brings a full suite of AI-powered features, each designed to enhance and simplify your online journey.  Take a look at some of our game-changing AI tools:

Generate Custom Logos

Create a custom logo for your business in seconds. Your logo is the face of your brand. With Hocoos AI Logo Generator, you can use AI to create one for free in seconds.


It’s built based on your preferences, looks professional, and saves time and money on hiring a designer. Build a memorable brand identity that catches your customers’ attention.

AI photo editing concept.
Effortless Website Images that Wow – Save Time & Money

Snap, upload and let Hocoos AI work its magic – creating amazing visuals that give your business the edge.

Showcasing the concept of AI image completion tool.
Remarkable Website Content Without the Struggle

Get the polished content your small business website deserves.

Our AI will make your life easier and write the initial text for free. Just add your expert touch for a perfect final result.

Content creation tool interface with an option to 'Generate with AI', listing blog types such as Food, Travel, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and Fashion & Beauty, alongside a guide to generating a post in three steps.

And the best part? You can try all these tools
right now for free!


Hocoos AI Small Business FAQ

An easy-to-use Website builder should allow for quick and easy no-code website creation, have a user-friendly interface, and include helpful features like SEO tools, AI Content Creation, and more, all designed to save small business owners time and money
Yes! Hocoos AI Website Builder for small businesses can help you build an online store in minutes. Easily sell products, manage inventory, and set up secure payment methods.
No, it doesn’t cost a dime to try! Hocoos AI offers free website creation and hosting, which is perfect for small businesses and startups watching their expenses. When you’re ready to upgrade, you can get Hocoos Premium for just $15 a month.
Yes! Apart from creating websites, blogs, booking systems, and stores, Hocoos AI comes packed with AI features like Logo Generation, Image Completion, and Content Creation.
Definitely! Hocoos AI builder makes sure your business website is responsive, meaning it will look great and work well on any screen or size. In today’s mobile-first world, this helps improve your customers’ experience.

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