AI-Powered Website Design: Empowering Non-Tech Small Businesses with Stunning Visuals

Chirunim Umesi

Gorgeous, interactive website visuals used to be a luxury only big brands with massive marketing budgets enjoyed. As a small business owner, you had to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea- hiring a professional web designer or seeking cheap alternatives. 

Since you can’t afford to hire third-party developers or agencies to create your website design, you may be tempted to go for cheap, generic alternatives. 

If you run a small business and desire to expand, having a lackluster website can severely affect your chances. Research has shown that almost 40% of visitors will abandon a website they find visually unappealing. That speaks volumes. So what do you do? 

Use AI. 

With tools like the Hocoos AI website builder that can also serve as a free AI logo generator and image editor for websites, you can quickly create stunning visuals for your website at a tiny cost. And when we say tiny, we mean tiny! 

This article will explore the fabulous benefits of AI for non-tech businesses and how to generate whatever image you need with our Hocoos AI tool. 

Let’s delve in. 

The Challenges of Traditional Image Generation for Website Design 

Still thinking of joining the AI bandwagon?

Here are five fabulous reasons why every non-tech small business that wants to enhance image generation or editing should utilize AI tools: 

No Need for Design Expertise

Small business owners typically wear several hats but aren’t supposed to. You may be skilled in the operational aspects of your business but have to concern yourself with website needs due to limited resources.
But AI has stripped away those barriers so you can focus on the parts of your business that matter the most. With our Hoocos AI Image Generator for websites, you can generate literally anything you want. 

And the best part? You can generate these images in seconds without design experience. 

Reduced Costs

As a small business trying to expand your borders, you need to establish online credibility with your website. According to Venngage, stunning visual content can 4x your website traffic.

But since you don’t want to incur high design costs for your business, what do you do? Use AI. 

Our AI image generator for websites can create stunning images faster and at a fraction of the cost. That way, your small business can distinguish itself from other businesses and attract the right clientele without draining its account. 

Increased Efficiency

Previously, transforming an idea into a website image was typically stressful and time-consuming. First, you’d have to decide the types of images you want, create them, take them through numerous revisions or reviews, and format content for different uses. 

Now, AI has simplified and automated the workflow for better results. You can channel the extra time and effort into other vital activities. 

For instance, instead of using different tools and apps to plan the concepts and take different images, the Hocoos AI image editor for websites can help you to alternate between different image concepts and form print-ready website images within a twinkle of an eye. 

Democratized Website Design

Before AI wore its hero capes, aesthetically pleasing, functional websites had gatekeepers- expert graphic designers, branding agencies and web developers. You need extensive design or technical experience before creating engaging websites. 

Now, AI advancements have made it possible for non-tech small business owners to design visually interactive websites with drag-and-drop frontend interfaces while the AI generates the backend code. 

For instance, the Hocoos AI website builder allows users to design unique websites from scratch with customized images, either uploaded or AI-generated. 

Effortless Scaling

What happens if you need 1000 new product images or want to tailor campaign materials to a specific region and the deadline is in three days? Before now, that would have been a complete nightmare. But with AI, it’s easy-peasy.

With the Hoocos AI image editor for websites, you can quickly scale graphics at lightning speeds, regardless of the tweaks. And the best part? The branding identity stays consistent throughout with no manual handling. 

Practical Applications of AI in Website Image Design 

Here are some practical ways non-tech small businesses can use Hocoos AI to enhance their website imagery. We’ll consider three practical applications: 

Logo Design

You can use our free AI logo generator to create fabulous logo designs for your website. Here’s how to do it (for this example, we created a clothing store website) 

Step 1: Create a Hocoos account. If you have one already, log in. 

Step 2: Hover over the placeholder LOGO and click on the logo settings. You will see a drop-down menu showing: ‘Image’, ‘Text’, and ‘Hide Logo’. Click on one and outside the box. That way, you have chosen the outlook of your logo.  

Step 3: Hover over the placeholder LOGO and click the AI button. 


Step 4: Select your preferred style if you want your website to retain the pre-selected theme for the logo. Click Continue

Step 5: Hocoos AI generates six different types of logo designs. Choose the one that best suits you, and then, click Select and generate with AI. 


Step 6: Hover over the logo variants and choose one

Step 7: Sit back and watch the logo generator produce something absolutely fantastic! 


PS: You get access to about six logo designs and several variations. 

Image Generation 

Do you want to create stunning images for your website at lightning speed? Hocoos AI can help you do that. Here’s how: 

Step 1: Create a Hocoos account. If you have one already, log in. 

Step 2 Hover over the placeholder image and click the AI button. 

Step 3: At the left hand, describe the features of the image you want to create. Click on Generate


Step 4: When the AI wizard generates the image, click Save. If you want to make changes, re-describe the features you want and try again.  


PS: You can even upload and edit your own image. 


Image Editing

How do you edit images with the Hocoos AI?  Here’s how: 

Step 1: Create a Hocoos account. If you have one already, log in. 

Step 2 Hover over the placeholder image and click the Edit button. 

Step 3: Resize your image to choose where to edit. 


Step 4: On the left hand, describe the features of the image you want to create. Click Generate

Step 5: When the AI wizard generates the image, click Save. If you want to make changes, re-describe the features you want.  


You can either choose to edit the already generated AI image or upload your own image for editing. Imagine getting all these features for free and more for just $15 per month. Sweet! 

Final Words

As you can see, image generation is now easier than ever before. Non-tech small business owners can now compete with big brands and, if possible, surpass their marketing expectations by implementing AI tools. 

Still, AI capacities don’t stop at image generation. That’s just a drop in the ocean for what AI can do. It can help you to reach your target audience by building your website from the ground up with stunning images. 

When you hear of the Hocoos AI Website Builder, what comes to mind? Building only websites, is that right? Wrong. It goes beyond that. It encompasses everything concerning your online brand identity, from building the website from scratch down to the tiniest details like creating your logos and images. 

No design experience? That’s totally fine. Hocoos AI has sorted your needs. Just think of it as a one-stop, all-encompassing solution for your non-tech, small business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can AI create websites from scratch?

Yes, the Hocoos AI website builder can create your website from the ground up, regardless of your niche.

All you have to do is answer eight simple questions about your business and watch your website magically appear before your eyes. And the best part? It’s absolutely free! 

Will your AI-generated logo be Unique?

Yes, your Hocoos AI logo is totally unique. You won’t find your designs anywhere else. 

Are Design Skills Needed to Use the AI Image Generator? 

No design or technical skills are needed to use the Hocoos AI Image generator. Just follow simple steps and create professional images in seconds. 

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