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Inexpensive Website Design For Small Business

Chirunim Umesi

AI And The Future Of Website Design

Today we are going to talk about inexpensive Website Design For Small Business – or more specifically, how AI is basically the future of user-friendly, cost effective, professional Website Design.

We’ll talk about how AI has transformed the game, and the advantages of AI tools like Hocoos AI Website Builder for website design for small business.








Challenges in the Present State of Small Business Web Design

According to 2021 survey data from TopDesignFirms, nearly one out of two small businesses (43%) want to create a website to enhance their online presence. So, it’s definitely a priority, but what holds them back?

Here are some challenges founders have faced in the passed getting online, especially when it comes to inexpensive website design for small business.


High Cost

Small businesses try to achieve more with less because their resources are limited. However, producing a website, especially a fully interactive and optimized one, is expensive. 

Some developers or agencies charge high prices to create a simple, customized website. Think of the time, money, and energy spent building a website. 

Now, you could go for a cheaper DIY website option, but that lacks quality and may affect your business growth in the long-run, as over 57% of internet users won’t recommend any business with a terrible website.  


Outdated Aesthetics

Sometimes, since customers love sleek, modern websites, developers and agencies often charge outrageous prices because they often create websites with jaw-dropping aesthetics that the customers love. You may not have the resources to create that for your small business. 

Inexpensive website design has (traditionally) been associated with below par results; and if you go for DIY websites, the aesthetics can’t adapt to the new visual styles that come up. 



We all know how time-consuming website design can be. You either have to outsource your website creation or do it yourself. 

Since your small business can’t afford to outsource to a professional designer, you must bother about complexities like WordPress management, simple coding language, web hosting server installations, content migrations, and DNS setting configurations. 

Inexpensive website design for small business usually meant doing it yourself, but I ask you; where is the time to learn it all when you have tons of operations to run?





How Has AI Made Inexpensive Website Design For Small Business Possible?

When people talk about AI and the future of small business web design, they often talk about them as standalone concepts. 

The truth is that AI web design is the future for small businesses, and that the future has arrived. Specifically, AI Website Builders have helped make inexpensive website design for small business a genuinely professional possibility for the first time.

Imagine running a business at a time where you can easily whip up a fabulous website for your system in less than a minute. With tools like the Hocoos AI Website Builder, all you have to do is sign up for a FREE account, answer 8 simple questions about your business, add your custom domain, and you’re all set! 


Hocoos AI Website Design for small business is super simple to use


So now we know a little but more about how AI is helping to create inexpensive website design for small business, let’s dig a little deeper into each of the benefits, other than just cost and no-code convenience.





7 Benefits of AI on Inexpensive Website Design for Small Business.

Still on the fence about adopting AI as the best option for inexpensive website design for small business? Here are some benefits you should think about to help you jump on the moving train:

The Benefits of AI Website Design for small busine


Reduced Time and Cost

As a small business trying to build its online presence, you don’t have time to create a custom website from scratch. You also don’t have the luxury of hiring a developer since you have a tight budget. That’s where AI design steps in to save the day for every small business.

AI website builders are now consistently the cheapest option when it comes to website design. With tools like the Hocoos AI, you can get inexpensive website design for small business, creating a site that engages your customers at a significantly lower price, complete with videos, content, and images. 


Fast Launch Times

Before AI came into the limelight, web design required extensive planning and effort. Even the simplest websites took months to build, especially custom-made ones. Now, who needs that when AI tools already have ready-made templates? 

A typical AI website builder uses expert-level machine learning models to build new websites in minutes instead of weeks or months. That way, you can quickly establish your online presence and attract your target audience. AI Web Design is Easy-peasy!



AI tools automate continuous tasks, thus relieving small business owners of some burdens. For instance, the AI website builder integrates specified templates into websites without human intervention. 

If there are any real-time updates or site migrations, the builder handles that with ease. It also generates custom content, headlines, and meta descriptions that sound so human that you can’t tell the difference.

That way, they can focus on other vital aspects of their operations. Remember; time is money, so the most inexpensive website design for small business will always be the one that helps save time through automation.  


Better Customization

Since your small business has limited resources, using DIY website builders can create lackluster websites with generic templates. But that’s not the case with AI web design.

As mentioned, tools like the Hocoos AI Website Builder offer customized experiences for small businesses. It studies your brand’s identity, product or services, long-term goals, mission, buyer personas, and spending preferences to create customized websites that are tailored to your needs. 


Excellent Marketing Integrations

Aside from having a functional website, your small business needs other software to run efficiently. You need to make payments, create weekly or monthly newsletters, send promotional emails, manage projects, analyze current trends, and perform other activities.

Using AI tools for web design helps you to seamlessly integrate your website with other third-party software. For instance, the AI website builder can integrate a newsletter platform so customers can sign up for your email list without stress. How cool is that? 


Improved User Experience

Nothing beats a good user experience. Even if you have the most beautiful website, 4 out of 10 people will leave your website if loading time is more than three seconds. So, this puts pressure on small business owners to optimize their websites or leave money on the table. 

AI web design tools solve that concern.

A sophisticated AI website builder can monitor the relationship between visitor’s responses and vital elements like web traffic, page speed, load time, UX, and content formatting and fix needed areas to increase conversation rates.  



As your small business grows and attracts more customers, expect sudden spikes in web traffic. One highly successful marketing campaign can crash your website if hosted on a shared server, which can lead to a loss of sales. How do you manage this situation? 

AI web design tools solve these problems. For instance, an AI website builder can monitor real-time traffic across different hosted websites. After all, inexpensive website design for small business doesn’t need to mean ineffective.

Then, it can predict or anticipate a sudden increase in web traffic and immediately scale up the server capacity. That way, you don’t have to worry about site crashes or downtime. 





How to Choose the Best AI-Driven Tool for Your Small Business Web Design

Several AI tools providing inexpensive website design for small business have sprung up, but with choice comes confusion. As a small business owner, you may be tempted to go for the trendiest, cheapest tool in the market. But hold on.

Here are essential factors to look out for when choosing the best AI Tools for inexpensive website design for your small business: 


Easy Customization

You need an AI tool that allows you to customize your website however you want. Yes, you should be able to customize vital elements like the templates, pages, and menus. However, a good AI tool should allow you to make changes down to the tiniest detail. 

For instance, the Hocoos AI Website Builder allows users to utilize custom-made fonts and AI-generated images to create more vibrant web designs. You can also play around with layouts and create color palettes to style your website to your taste. 


Quick Onboarding

A good AI web design tool should be easy to use. If it’s not, don’t bother.

Look at the tool’s setup. Is the user interface easy for people without professional or technical experience to understand? Can you set up a website without gaining coding or technical knowledge? Are there step-by-step guides to make your onboarding process easy? 

If you want to migrate from an old website to an AI-driven one, is the migration process seamless? You must tick all these boxes before you proceed. 


Continuous Optimization

Launching an AI-powered website is one thing, but consistently optimizing the website for increased user engagement is another. The goal is to look for a tool that can handle vital aspects of your web design so you can focus on other things.

When choosing an AI web design tool, look for one to monitor certain website analytics and study user behavior. If there is any change, it should update them in real time to increase conversion rates.


Ease of Expansion

If you want your small business to grow and attract a global audience, you need tools that facilitate that growth. AI tools are no exception. Such tools should scale up your website to meet your business growth. 

For instance, the Hocoos AI Website Builder allows users to add more pages to their website and easily modify templates and styles as the business changes over time. You don’t need any developer’s help or coding knowledge.


Excellent Integrations

Every business has a central software or tool pivotal to its revenue. For instance, you need to integrate a payment system if you have an online store.

The key is finding out what that tool is and the possibility of integrating it with your AI web design tool, including other vital marketing tools.

Plus, this web design tool should make implementations super easy. If you make changes in one area, it should instantly reflect all throughout your website to prevent double work.


24/7 Customer Support

No matter how good a tool is, users may need assistance from time to time. A 2020 Zendesk report shows that at least 60% of people need top-notch customer service before they become loyal to that brand.

If you encounter a problem, your AI web design tool should have a standby customer support team you can call upon.

Ideally, they should respond to you via social media in less than five hours or via live chat in less than a minute. Check if you can handle the quality of their customer support service. 



After all is said and done, pricing is usually the most vital factor when choosing an AI web design tool. The key is finding a tool that offers the most features at a substantial price.

Would you get the most value for your money? Some tools have basic and premium features- do you need to upgrade to premium to enjoy the product’s best? Is the price within reach? 

You can take advantage of free trial periods before committing your resources. 





Final Words

Now that we’ve looked at AI and the future of small business web design, you can see that you don’t need to envy the sleek websites the big companies have and wish they were yours. 

AI has leveled the playing field for small businesses. Now, there is no barrier to reaching your target audience, attracting the right customers, and increasing your revenue. 

But what AI web design tool should you go with?

We present Hocoos, a top-notch AI website builder that can create and host your business website for FREE. That’s not all.

For only $15 monthly, you can enjoy all our premium additional features like marketing integrations, personalized content, email marketing, payment systems, and access to over 500,000 stock images!


Website design for small business that DOESN’T break the bank


You can test the waters monthly, but if you pay for the entire year, you get two months free + your custom domain name. That’s so cool!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Hocoos today, create your FREE account, and build your small business website in seconds. 





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is Coding Experience Required to Create an AI Website? 

No, you don’t need any coding knowledge to use Hocoos. We have the tools you need to whip up a fantastic website from scratch. 

Can an AI website be SEO-friendly?

Definitely. Hocoos AI websites have powerful SEO tools that can help your small business website optimize for search engines. You can also make manual SEO improvements. 

What are the Benefits of AI Web Design on Small Business ?

AI Web Design creates professional websites without needing expert skills, saving the time and cost associated with traditional web design and allowing owners to focus on growing their business.

What kind of support does Hocoos offer for website maintenance?

Hocoos provides ongoing support for your website with tools and resources to keep it running smoothly. Our AI-driven platform also offers regular, automatic updates, keeping your website safe and secure.

 How is AI used in web design?

 AI transforms web design by automating tasks that would typically take hours, like coding and layout design. It uses machine learning to understand user behavior, optimizing the user experience in real-time.

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