What Is a Dropdown Menu?

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A dropdown menu refers to a type of navigation element on websites that reveals additional links when users hover their mouse over or click an item, offering users more ways to organize content without cluttering up the main navigation bar.

Key Takeaways:
  • Menu simplification
  • Dropdown menus provide an efficient means of navigation on websites with numerous pages or categories of content, preventing the main navigation bar from becoming overwhelming.
  • Content hierarchy
  • Use dropdowns strategically for content hierarchy. Group similar items within dropdowns to make it easier for users to locate what they need.
  • Prioritize mobile usability
  • Make sure they're large enough for effortless tapping on touchscreens, and consider different mobile menu patterns if your navigation is complex.
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When should I use a dropdown menu?

Situations that would lead to using a dropdown menu can include:

Having many navigation items: Dropdown menus should be utilized when your website features multiple pages or categories that require navigation, to keep its main menu streamlined and prevent becoming overwhelming for visitors.

Content fits into logical groups: When your content can easily be organized into categories (for instance product types on an e-commerce website), dropdown menus provide a clear hierarchy for navigation.

Are dropdown menus good for mobile websites?

Surely! Just be mindful that dropdown menus can work on mobile websites when applied with careful consideration and testing. Observe why:

Smaller Screens: Dropdown menus may be challenging for users with smaller touchscreen devices to interact with, so make sure your dropdowns are big enough so people can tap easily.

Alternative Patterns: If your navigation is extremely complex, consider supplementing dropdown menus with mobile-specific patterns like the “hamburger” menu for optimal user experience.

What are the disadvantages of dropdowns?

Among the advantages, some disadvantages also arise, including:

Hidden content: Since dropdown items are initially concealed, users could miss important options if they fail to interact with their menus.

Mobile challenges: As previously noted, dropdown menus can be challenging when used on smaller touchscreen devices.

Potential for deep nesting: Overly complex structures with too many submenu levels may make navigation confusing and bewildering for the end-user.

Additional Considerations

Labeling: Use clear and descriptive labels when labeling dropdown menu items.

Mega Menus: For very complex navigation systems consider “mega menus”, larger dropdowns featuring multiple columns.


Dropdown menus can be an invaluable asset when it comes to crafting clear and intuitive website navigation. By understanding when and why to utilize them and paying close attention to design details (especially mobile), your dropdown menus will greatly enhance the user experience on your site.


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