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Build a professional, AI-designed business website in minutes.

Creating a small business website has never been this fast or easy. Our AI builder asks 8 simple questions, generates unique designs tailored to your business, and builds your perfect website in seconds. Get started for free!

The Smartest Way to Build a Website
Design, Launch, and Grow Your Business
Go beyond our AI website builder. Discover a comprehensive suite of AI tools that make it easy to create a powerful, professional website – whether it's a portfolio, store, blog, or any business site.

  • Design a professional logo in seconds with our AI Logo Generator. It’s easy, powerful, and perfect for building a strong brand for your business website. No design skills needed with the Hocoos AI website builder.

    Our AI logo generator is the easiest way to create unique, professional logos that build a strong online presence for your small business. It’s affordable and empowers even those without design experience to look their best online.

  • Achieve stunning website visuals in seconds with our AI Image Editor. Remove unwanted objects, extend photos, and craft professional-quality images without expensive software or design skills. Upload easily from your phone and let our powerful AI do the work, ensuring a flawless, eye-catching online presence for your small business.

    Get picture-perfect results in seconds! Our AI Image Editor understands your needs, empowering you to fix flaws, resize images, and create a visually compelling website – all without hiring a pro. Say goodbye to distracting elements and limitations. Elevate your small business’s brand with images that shine.

  • Let our powerful AI improve your website’s content with our AI Content Generator. Generate compelling blog posts, product descriptions, and more in minutes – no writing experience needed! The AI provides suggestions and crafts customized text, actively aiding your creativity. Add your unique wisdom and watch your website content shine.

    Our AI Content Generator is designed to be your writing partner. It understands your goals, offers creative suggestions, and even learns from your feedback. Say goodbye to writer’s block! Get started with AI-generated drafts, then add your personal touch to create content that’s authentically yours and resonates with your audience.


  • Start creating by answering the AI builder 8 simple questions

    Launch your website creation journey with Hocoos! Answer a few simple questions about your business and goals, and our powerful AI will understand your unique needs.

    Get ready for a custom website design that reflects your brand and helps you stand out online. Whether you need a portfolio, online store, blog, service business site, or something entirely different, our AI-powered tools will generate the perfect layout, content suggestions, and features like newsletters or booking systems.

    Let’s build a website that works for you – no coding or design skills required!

  • Select your prefered website design from 3 unique web templates generated.

    Experience the power of AI!

    Our intelligent AI analyzes your answers to generate 3 stunning website design options.

    Explore the web layouts, website color schemes, web navigation options, and overall styles.

    Choose the one that brings your vision to life, then customize colors, fonts, and any other elements to add your personal touch in only one click!

    Click “Create Website” and get ready to launch your powerful online presence!

  • AI generates your website. Customize individual website elements using the editor.

    Our AI works its magic, generating your initial website in record time.

    But you retain full creative control! Our intuitive editor empowers you to easily customize every element, achieving your desired look and feel.

    Add images, refine text, adjust layouts, and create a professional, engaging website that showcases your business to the world – no coding knowledge needed.



Launch your website effortlessly and avoid the headaches of traditional design. In just a few short minutes, Hocoos can create a business-ready, AI-generated website with everything you need.

Just answer 8 simple questions, and our AI website generator will take those answers and turn them into an utterly unique website, complete with content, design, and images. It’s website creation at its most streamlined and efficient.

Forget about wasting weeks with boring details; Hocoos gets you online in the blink of an eye.

A woman on a laptop using an AI website builder to generate a website.


Gone are the days when making even a tiny website update would mean hours of lost time and effort. Our editor is as user-friendly as they come, letting you effortlessly make any changes you need.

And the cherry on top? If you’d rather sit back and let someone—or something—else take care of it, our AI wizard can step in to make intelligent edits for you.

It’s like having a team of web pros available 24/7, all set to serve you what you need when you need it.

An AI website with a picture of a woman wearing makeup.


From AI-generated content and custom logos to smart image completion technology, we offer cutting-edge features that would otherwise cost you a fortune.

These aren’t just digital bells and whistles; they’re serious business tools aimed at automating, enhancing, and streamlining your website-building experience.

With Hocoos, you’re not just building a website; you’re equipping it with the best AI website builder technology out there.

AI tool kit for your efficient online presence.


Even the most advanced AI tools can’t replace the value of genuine human interaction. That’s why we’ve ensured you can access real, live humans whenever you need help.

Whether you’re tangled in a complex issue or just need some one-on-one guidance, our customer support team is just a click or call away.

Our mission is to seamlessly combine the best of AI-generated website creation and human expertise, ensuring you never feel like you’re going it alone.

AI-powered website generator for your small business.

AI Website Builder FAQ Get answers to common Website Builder questions

An AI website builder like Hocoos uses artificial intelligence to create custom business sites from scratch in seconds.
Yes! No need for time, money, coding skills, or design flair. Just answer eight quick questions about your business, and Hocoos AI does the work.
The Hocoos AI website builder is for anyone looking to quickly and easily create a website for their business.
Hocoos doesn’t have any confusing pricing plans. Creating your website is free, and access to ALL our features is just $15 a month, or you can pay $150 a year and get two months for free, along with a free custom domain name on us. 
It takes less than 5 minutes to answer the eight questions Hocoos AI needs to build your website in seconds. 
Yes! You can create a custom domain with Hocoos or connect one you already own. 
It’s easy! Answer eight questions about your business; our AI will build your unique website. Once finished, you can customize the web pages using the super-easy editor.
You can use almost all our features to a limited capacity during your free trial. Once you’ve tested them, you can raise or remove all usage limits by upgrading your account. 
To create a website with Hocoos, you just need to answer eight quick and easy questions about your business and what you want your website to do. 
No, all our websites are unique and customized to meet your business needs. 
Hocoos AI makes the website-building process quick, easy, and affordable, saving you time, effort, and money better spent on other parts of your business.
Absolutely. Once our AI has created your website, you can make changes anytime with our super easy editor. 
Not at all. Our AI does all the complex coding work, meaning absolutely anyone can build a professional website with Hocoos. Web designers and developers can even use Hocoos to create simple websites faster for their clients. 
You can contact us anytime with our live chat through your Hocoos dashboard. You can also contact us via our email and social media channels. 
Yes, we offer a wide range of premium widgets and customization options to help you personalize your website even more. 
Hocoos AI-built websites benefit from robust security features, integrate advanced encryption protocols, and provide regular security updates to protect against potential threats.
Yes, all our websites are responsive by default. Hocoos AI websites look beautiful, no matter the device or screen size. 
Yes! When you create a website with Hocoos, we provide hosting for free, saving you time, money, and effort. 
It’s completely free to create and host a website with Hocoos. Accessing all premium features costs just $15 a month.
Hocoos AI Websites have specialized tools and features for users wanting to set up an eCommerce store. You can create an online store in seconds with Hocoos. 
It’s absolutely free to create and host your Hocoos AI  website! To access all our premium features, just upgrade for $15 a month.