AI opens your business 24/7/365 with an

online store

With Hocoos AI you can put your products & services in front of customers, no matter where in the world they are.

Open everywhere

In Control
Complete product management
Take care of your customers and keep track of orders. From checking delivery status to organizing refunds, Hocoos helps you do it all.
Wow your
Professional product pages
Design jaw-dropping product pages with the easy-to-use Hocoos editor and make your products jump off the screen (straight into someone's shopping basket).
Secure on-site payments
Provide your customers with convenient & secure payment methods on your AI website and watch your hobby or side hustle grow a profitable online business.
Incentivize and reward
Easy coupon management
Rapidly convert visitors into long-term shoppers and strengthen your marketing efforts by offering tailor-made discount codes and coupons.

What’s In It For You?

Introduce your brand to the world with Hocoos AI

No maintenance

Leave Hocoos AI to handle all the backend stuff. We’ll manage, monitor, and keep your website safe, secure, and ready to do business 24/7/365.

image which is telling that with hocoos ai website builder you don't need to learn how to code
A screenshot of the Hocoos AI website builder showing the domain feature.

No code,
no design

With Hocoos AI, you don’t need any tech or design skills. Our AI wizard creates the professional online store your brand needs to meet new customers.

Built to sell

Sell more thanks to our intelligent, integrated marketing tools, designed to help you identify and engage with your ideal audiences.

A screenshot of the Hocus AI website builder showing the palette feature.

We’re here to help.

After all, there's no such thing as a stupid question…

Building an online store is simple with Hocoos. Just answer 8 quick questions about your business and tell the wizard a little about your goals for the website. If you say you want to sell products, Hocoos will create your website with that in mind, choosing layouts and features designed for online stores, as well as activating all the full functionality of the store app for you!
Yes, they will. Once you have your store app activated, you need to set up your online shop. Offer your clients the option to pay online and benefit from a quick and secure checkout process by connecting your Stripe or PayPal account. Follow the steps, and you will be up and ready to launch in no time.
Yes, of course. Just head to the “Your Orders” section of the store. From here you can check everything from how many products you’ve sold to each item's payment and shipping status.

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